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Contract Services

Zen-Bio's contract assay services combine the expertise of our scientists with our validated cultured human adipocyte system. We offer a variety of assays to test compounds for potential as diabetes and obesity therapies or coesmecutical treatments for cellulite and wrinkles.

The assays listed on the following pages have been optimized to work well in a human or rodent 3T3-L1 system with reliable, reproducible results. Working with Zen-Bio for your pre-clinical research needs presents significant savings over the cost of starting an adipocyte program.

In addition to our standard assays we have a history of excellence in designing custom research programs. If you do not see what you're looking for, please call technical support to discuss your needs with one of our scientists.

To learn more about these services, click below:

Metabolic Disease Research

Human lipolysis
Human lipid accumulation
Human inhibition of lipid accumulation
Human adiponectin ELISA
Human adipokine secretion
Glucose uptake
Rodent lipolysis
Rodent lipid accumulation

Cosmeceutical Research

Anti-Cellulite compound screening
Anti-Wrinkle Compound Screening

Custom Contract Services

Omental Adipocytes

Zen-Bio announces availability of Omental Adipocytes.

Cells pictured above are cultured in indomethacin free media.

Call Zen-Bio at 866-234-7673 or click here for more information.