Contract Services

ZenBio has built a reputation as a trusted research partner, delivering cell-based products of consistent high quality, providing premium customer services, and ensuring our customers receive full value from these products and services. Now, ZenBio introduces ZenComplete™-bringing together enabling products, services, and technologies to accelerate cell biology research across diverse fields including molecular biology, human disease research and cosmetics/personal care research. ZenComplete is just that: complete. It combines cell-based products as well as premium consulting and research services together in a world-class offering that is:

  • Customized: Whether you are conducting disease research or cosmetic product development, ZenComplete™ offers customized products and services uniquely suited to your research requirements.
  • Trusted: ZenBio products are Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant and certified, are relied on by top research organizations worldwide. Our industry reputation has been enhanced by time-tested services and consulting.
  • Comprehensive: The ZenComplete portfolio delivers everything you need- products, technologies, services, and consulting-to minimize costs and leverage resources.

Even as project demands and deadlines increase while research budgets and headcount diminish, your organization can deliver novel disease therapies and safer, more effective consumer products that improve quality of life, and perhaps even extend it. ZenComplete was developed specifically to help you achieve these goals.

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  • Metabolic Disease Contracts
    ZenBio offers a variety of assays to test compounds as potential diabetes or obesity therapies. Customers can choose from any of the following assays or we can design a custom program tailored to each client's specific research needs.
  • ZenSkin™ Products and Services
    ZenBio has developed a dedicated solutions platform delivering products, services and expertise to assist in the emerging and diverse research field of skin. From initial donor-specific tissue acquisition to full thinkness skin testing or 3D skin equivalents, the ZenBio research team can deliver dermal research capabilities to accelerate client projects and meet objectives rapidly in a cost-effective approach minimizing time, and resources.
  • High Content Assay Development and Screening Services
    ZenBio offers a variety of assays to using our ArrayScan XTI. Customers can choose from any of the following assays or we can design a custom program tailored to each client's specific research needs.
  • Customized Cell Solutions
    ZenBio offers customers exceptional versatility in addressing specific project requirements with our robust custom cell-based assay development and services capabilities. Experience a seamless workflow... customized to meet your rigorous project needs.
  • Custom Tissue Procurement Services
    ZenBio offers cells, tissue, and serum from a diverse group of donor populations. Products are available from mixed donor lots, individual donor lots and a variety of disease states such as type II diabetes, hypertension, and others.

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