Mouse Splenocytes

Splenocytes - Splenocytes are dissociated into a single cell suspension so they can be easily manipulated ex-vivo. The splenocytes are isolated from excised spleens by mashing through a 60um screen, re-suspending in serum-free medium, and pelleting by centrifugation. Splenocytes are used for a variety of assays including T-cell activation, proliferation in response to mitogens, and cytokine production. Zen-bio offers both Human and Mouse splenocytes produced at Zen-Bio's facility from normal tissues. Each vial contains a minimum of 25 million viable cells.

Each lots is tested for viability and human donors are pathogen tested for HIV-1, HIV-2, HBV, HCV and Syphilis. Mouse cells are derived from clinically healthy animals.

Ordering Information:


Item#Item DescU/MPrice
HSP-FCryopreserved Human Splenocytes, (Single Donor) 25 million cells/vialVial$1188.00
MSP-FCryopreserved Mouse (C57BL/6N) Splenocytes, (POOLED Lot), 25 million cells/vialVial$447.00
MSP-1Splenocyte Maintenance Medium100ml$155.00

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