Flash Frozen, Fresh & Formalin Fixed Tissue Samples

flash frozen tissue samples

We are an extensive listing of human tissues samples that can be used for subsequent cellular, biochemical and/or genetic analysis. Please contact us for our current inventory offering. Custom Tissue Procurement is available.

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Flash Frozen Tissue Samples

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
T-HP-FFFlash Frozen Human LIVER Tissue, (1 gram)1 gram$825.00
T-HPD-FFFlash Frozen Human LIVER Tissue, DIABETIC,(1 gram)1 gram$1063.00
T-OMDFX-FFFlash Frozen Human Omental Adipose Tissue from DIABETIC patient (minimum size 1 gram)1 gram$979.00
T-OMFX-1FFFlash Frozen Human Omental Adipose Tissue (minimum size 1 gram)1 gram$589.00
T-OMFX-Ln-FFFlash Frozen Human Omental Adipose Tissue (minimum size 1 gram). Lean <25.0 BMI1 gram$979.00
T-MSNFX-FFFlash Frozen Human Mesenteric Adipose Tissue, (minimum size 1 gram).1 gram$589.00
T-SK-01FFFlash Frozen Human Skeletal Muscle, 0.1g0.1 gram$187.00
T-SK-1FFFlash Frozen Human Skeletal Muscle, 1g1 gram$560.00
T-SKN-FF2CMFlash Frozen Human Skin, Full Thickness, 4cm2~4cm2$570.00
T-SKN-FF10CMFlash Frozen Human Skin, Full Thickness, 100cm2~100cm2$922.00
T-SQ-10gmFlash Frozen Human Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue, Washed 10gm.10 grams$353.00
T-SQDFX-FFFlash Frozen Human Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue from DIABETIC donor (minimum size 1 gram).1 gram$950.00
T-SQFX-FFFlash Frozen Human Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue (minimum size 1 gram).1 gram$154.00
T-TND-FFFlash Frozen Human Tendon, 1.0g1 gram$279.00
T-LUNG-FFFlash Frozen Human Lung Tissue, 1.0g1 gram$543.00
T-GBHuman Gall Bladder Tissue, FROZEN1g$883.00
T-PLAC-FFrozen Human Whole PlacentaEACH$895.00
T-REN-FFHuman Frozen Renal Tissue1g$951.00

Fresh Tissue Samples

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
T-FSHuman Foreskin Tissue, FreshEach$699.00
T-OMFX-LnFresh Omental Adipose Tissue minimum size 1 gram.+ Lean <25 BMI1.0 grams$1342.00
T-OMDFXFresh Omental Adipose tissue from diabetic patient (minimum size 1 gram), BMI <30.01 gram$1088.00
T-OMFX-1Fresh Omental Adipose tissue (minimum size 1 gram)1 gram$777.00
T-SKNFresh Skin section from plasty, (4cm2)4cm2$588.00
T-SKN-10Fresh Skin section from plasty, (100cm2)100cm2$895.00
T-SQ-100gFresh Subcutaneous Human Adipose tissue from abdominalplasty procedure (100g)100 grams$1628.00
T-SQ-50MLFresh Lipoaspirate, (50ml)50ml$409.00
T-SQ-200mlFresh Subcutaneous Lipoaspirate, (200ml)200ml$1628.00
T-SQDFXFresh Human Adipose tissue from Subcutaneous DIABETIC donor (1 gram)1 gram$950.00
T-SQFXFresh Human Adipose tissue from subcutaneous, non-diabetic donor, (1 gram)1 gram$154.00
T-PLACFresh Human Whole PlacentaEACH$1113.00
T-HUCHuman Umbilical Cord, (FRESH or Flash Frozen)EACH$895.00

Formalin Fixed Tissue Samples

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
T-OMDFX-FORFormalin Fixed Omental Adipose Tissue from DIABETIC patient (minimum size 1 gram)1.0 grams$979.00
T-OMFX-1FORFormalin Fixed Omental Adipose Tissue (minimum size 1 gram)1.0 grams$589.00
T-OMFX-Ln-FORFormalin Fixed Omental Adipose Tissue (minimum size 1 gram) Lean <25 BMI.1.0 grams$979.00
T-SQFX-FORFormalin Fixed Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue (minimum size 1 gram)1.0 grams$154.00
T-SQDFX-FORFormalin Fixed Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue from DIABETIC donor (minimum size 1 gram)1.0 grams$950.00

Fresh/Frozen Biological Fluid Samples

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
T-BILE-10MLFrozen Human BILE, 10ml10.0 ml$112.00
T-CSFFrozen Human Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), Single donor, ~1.0ml1.0ml$123.00
T-CSFPFrozen Human Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), Pooled donor, 3.0ml3.0ml$106.00
T-AF-1MLFrozen Human Amniotic Fluid Single donor, 1.0ml (priced per ml)1.0ml$38.00
T-FECFresh Human Feces, Single donor, ~100g~100grams$250.00
T-SFFrozen Human Semen, Single donor, 1ml1.0ml$100.00

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Flash Frozen, Fresh & Formalin Fixed Tissue Samples Publications

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