Hepatic Cells

ZenBio offers an assortment of various human and non-human hepatic derived cells. These include Hepatocytes, Total Liver Cell Population (TLC), Stellates, Kupffers and Intra-hepatic biliary epithelial cells (IHBEC). We offer these as cryopreserved cells for convenience. Cryopreserved cells are suitable for a variety of assays including induction, toxicity, drug metabolism and systems biology. Both adherent and suspension cells are available. Custom configurations are available upon request. Human cells are isolated from whole liver tissue obtained via the gift of organ donation from donor tissue that is not suitable for organ transplantation.

Cells have been tested for performance in viability. Cells have tested negative for HIV-1, HIV-2, HbsAG, HbcAB, HCV, and RPR. Cells are additionally tested for CMV.Some CMV positive lots are released for experiments.

Specially formulated media is available for the plating and maintenance of our cells.

Plateable lot of cryopreserved hepatocytes plated on collagen type I

Ordering Information:

Human Hepatocytes

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
HP-FCryopreserved Plateable hepatocytes from whole livers (price per million) Viable cell count varies per lotVial$244.00/million
HP-NPCryopreserved Mature Human Hepatocytes, Non-Plateable, Priced per million cells. Viable cell count varies per lot. Contact us for specific lots available and pricingVial$109.00/million
HM-1Hepatocyte Plating Medium (expiry 30 days from ship date)500ml$167.00
HM-2Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium (expiry 30 days from ship date)500ml$167.00

Human Hepatic Non-Parenchymal Cells

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
HP-F-SCryopreserved Human Hepatic Stellate Cells: 100,000 cells/vial.Vial$271.00
HSGM-250Hepatic/Pancreatic Stellate Growth Medium, 250ml250 ml$117.00
HSGM-500Hepatic/Pancreatic Stellate Growth Medium, 500ml500ml$176.00
HP-KC-FCryopreserved Human Kupffer cells, min of 1 million cells/vialVial$921.00
KC-1Kupffer Cell Plating Medium, (HUMAN) 250ml250ml$97.00
KC-2Kupffer Cell Maintenance Medium, (HUMAN) 250ml250ml$97.00
HP-F-NPCCryoperserved Non-Parenchymal Cells (NPC), Price per million cells (Uses HM-1 Medium)Vial$190.00
HSEC-FCryopreserved Human Hepatic Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells, 500,000 cells/vialVial$651.00
ECGM-1Endothelial Growth Medium, 500ml500ml$117.00
IHBEC-FCryopreserved Human Intra-Hepatic Biliary Epithelial Cells: 500,000 cells/vialVial$651.00
IHBEC-1Intra-Hepatic Biliary Epithelial Cell Growth Medium, 500ml500ml$117.00

Human Hepatic Progenitor Cells

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
HP-1Hepatic Progenitor Cell Plating Medium (expiry 30 days from ship date)500 ml$302.00
HP-2Hepatic Progenitor Cell Maintenance Medium (expiry 30 days from ship date)500 ml$302.00

Non-Human Hepatocytes

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
HPM-FCryopreserved Plateable MOUSE Hepatocytes, min of 4 million cells/vialVial$1031.00
HPR-FCryopreserved Plateable RAT Hepatocytes, min of 4 million cells/vialVial$705.00
BEA-FCryopreserved Plateable DOG (Beagle) Hepatocytes, min of 4 million cells/vialVial$922.00
HM-3Rodent Hepatocyte Plating Medium (expiry 30 days from ship date)500ml$167.00
HM-4Rodent Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium (expiry 30 days from ship date)500ml$167.00
HM-5Dog Hepatocytes Plating Medium (expiry 30 days from ship date)500ml$167.00
HM-6Dog Hepatocytes Maintenance Medium (expiry 30 days from ship date)500ml$167.00

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Hepatic Cells

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