Human Adult Melanocytes

Normal primary adult melanocytes are a vital research tool for a variety of applications from malignant melanoma research to pigmentation studies as well as for cosmetics and skin biology programs. ZenBio isolates normal human adult melanocytes and evaluates purity and function using both Mel-5 staining (figure 1) and the conversion of L-dopa -> dopamelanin (figure 2).

These adult melanocyte cultures are available at 95% purity and are recommended with optimized media formulated specifically to support growth and survival in vitro.

Mel-5 stained adult melanocytes
Figure 1 - Mel-5 stained adult melanocytes
L-dopa conversion in adult melanocytes
Figure 2 - L-dopa conversion in adult melanocytes

ZenBio can also provide Contract Services using our human melanocyte cell system. These services include Proliferation, Cytotoxicity, and Gene Expression Profiling. For a detail consultation, please Contact Us.

A comprehensive list of products and prices can be found at Retail Prices (.PDF).

Ordering Information:

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
MEL-FHuman Adult Melanocytes (0.5x106 cells)Vial$470.00
MEL-F-NEONEONATAL Melanocyte (0.5x106 cells)Vial$470.00
MEL-2Melanocyte Growth Media500ml$130.00
MEL-100Melanocyte Cryopreservation Medium100ml$172.00
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