Human Mesothelial Cells

Mesothelial cells play pivotal roles in ovarian cancer metastasis, peritoneal dialysis, surgical adhesions, inflammatory response, and metabolic disease. These specialized epithelial cells form a single cell layer with a critical barrier function and provide a frictionless surface for organs and tissue to move without damage. We isolate peritoneal mesothelial cells from omental tissue biopsies with minimal propagation.

Mesothelial cells are available either cryopreserved or in culture. Ready to use medium is also available for use with our mesothelial cells.

Human mesothelial cells in culture

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Human Cryopreserved Mesothelial Cells

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
DMES-FCryopreserved Human Adult Mesothelial Cells, DIABETIC Donor, (1.0x106 cells/vial)Vial$999.00
MSO-1Mesothelial Cell Growth Medium500 ml$127.00
MSB-1Mesothelial Cell Basal Medium500 ml$103.00
MCM-100Mesothelial Cell Cryopreservation Medium100 ml$172.00

Human Adult Mesothelial Care Manual

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Human Mesothelial Cells Publications

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