Visceral Preadipocytes and Adipocytes

Metabolic disease is associated more closely with the accumulation of abdominal adipose in specific visceral depots. Recent studies have implicated omental and mesenteric adipose tissue in obesity-related insulin resistance, atherosclerosis, and type 2 diabetes. To provide the most relevant systems for investigating obesity-related morbidities, ZenBio is offering visceral derived human preadipocytes and cultured adipocytes to the research community.

Visceral preadipocytes

Preadipocytes are isolated from omental, mesenteric, or perirenal adipose tissue and are tested for their ability to differentiate in culture to mature adipocytes. Preadipocytes are available cryopreserved or plated and mature adipocytes are available in a variety of plated formats.

Most cells are derived from obese non-diabetic patients (BMI>30), but there are limited quantities of preadipocytes and adipocytes from patients of BMI <27 as well as some lots of cells available from diabetic patients. Lots derived from multiple patients are also available as Pooled- or Super-lots.

There are limited quantities of donor matched omental and subcutaneous preadipocytes or cultured adipocytes for studies comparing the two depots.


The greater omentum is the largest peritoneal fold within the abdomen and has an immunologic function. The omentum aids in isolating peritoneal infection and absorbing contaminants through the mesothelial stomata. Adipokines and fatty acids from this depot have direct access to the liver through the portal circulation which may lead to hepatic dysfunction.


Mesenteric adipose lies within the thin layers of the peritoneal mesothelium connecting the small and large intestine. Adipose accumulation within this depot correlates with an increased risk of metabolic disease.


Perirenal adipose resides near the kidneys outside the peritoneal cavity. Fat from this depot has not been correlated with increased risk for metabolic disease.

Specially formulated media are available for use with our omental preadipocytes and adipocytes.

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Item#Item DescU/MPrice
OP-2006-3Omental Preadipocytes 6-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$996.00
OP-2012-3Omental Preadipocytes 12-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$806.00
OP-2024-3Omental Preadipocytes 24-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$806.00
OP-2048-3Omental Preadipocytes 48-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$806.00
OP-2096-3Omental Preadipocytes 96-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$539.00
OP-F-1Cryopreserved, Omental (1 million cells/vial), BMI <25.0Vial$415.00
OP-F-2Cryopreserved, Omental (1 million cells/vial), BMI 25.0-29.9Vial$415.00
OP-F-3Cryopreserved, Omental (1 million cells/vial), BMI >30.0Vial$415.00
OP-F-SLCryopreserved, Omental (1 million cells/vial), (POOLED Donor Lot)Vial$415.00
OPD-FCryopreserved, Omental (1 million cells/vial), DIABETICVial$622.00
OPD-F-3Cryopreserved, Omental Preadipocytes, DIABETIC (1 million cells/vial), BMI >30.0Vial$603.00
OPD-F-SLCryopreserved, Omental (1 million cells/vial), DIABETIC, (POOLED Donor Lot)Vial$622.00

Item#Item DescU/MPrice


Item#Item DescU/MPrice
OA-1006-3Omental Adipocytes 6-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$1,135.00
OA-1012-3Omental Adipocytes 12-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$946.00
OA-1024-3Omental Adipocytes 24-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$946.00
OA-1048-3Omental Adipocytes 48-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$946.00
OA-1096-3Omental Adipocytes 96-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$678.00

Visceral Omental Adipocyte Care Manual

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