Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) Coated Cell Culture Plastics

Collagen I - ZenBio is proud to offer collagen I coated Tissue Culture ware. Collagen is one of the more abundant components of the extracellular matrix proteins and the major constituent that gives strength to connective tissue and found in dermis, bone, ligament and tendons. A key role for Coated Plastics collagens is to provide a scaffold for cell attachment differentiation, proliferation, and migration. Numerous studies have shown that anchorage dependent cells grown on collagen have increased proliferation, acquire higher cell densities, and require lower serum and growth factor concentrations. We only use high quality and purity collagen I derived from rat tail.

  • Ready to use right from the package
  • Available in multiple formats
  • High-quality, consistent coating of rat tail collagen I for culturing primary cells
  • Convenient room temperature storage
  • Cost Effective
Material Flask: polystyrene
Plates: polystyrene
Cap: polyethylene
Vent: Hydrophobic
Sterile Yes
Shipping Room Temperature
Storage 4-30°C; Shelf life: 6 months from date of shipment
Cap Vented
Neck Canted

Ordering Information:

ECM Products

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
CC-25GroPro Collagen Coated I T-25 Flask, Vent Cap, Pack of 5PK/5$57.00
CC-75GroPro Collagen Coated I T-75 Flask, Vent Cap, Pack of 5PK/5$64.00
CC-225GroPro Collagen Coated I T-225 Flask (EXCLUSIVE!), Vent Cap, Pack of 1PK/1$23.00
CC-6GroPro Collagen Coated I 6-well Plate, Pack of 5PK/5$57.00
CC-12GroPro Collagen Coated I 12-well Plate, Pack of 5PK/5$56.00
CC-24GroPro Collagen Coated I 24-well Plate, Pack of 5PK/5$57.00
CC-96GroPro Collagen Coated I 96-well Plate, Pack of 5PK/5$56.00

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