Classical Media Reagents

Classical media from ZenBio includes the base media characterized for use with ZenBio cell products. Media is offered as single bottle units.

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
DMEMHGDMEM (high glucose 4.5g/L500ml$24.00
DMEMLGDMEM (low glucose 1g/L500ml$24.00
DMEMF12DMEM/F-12 Ham's (50/50) with glutamine and 15mM HEPES500ml$31.00
DMEMF12-PRFDMEM/F-12 Ham's (50/50) Phenol Red Free with glutamine and 15mM HEPES500ml$39.00
HF12Ham's F12500ml$24.00
M199Medium 199500ml$24.00
RP1640RPMI 1640500ml$24.00
WME-PRFWilliam's E, 1X, WITHOUT L-glutamine & Phenol Red500ml$40.00
RBCL-1Red Blood Cell LYSIS BUFFER 1X, 1L1000ml$51.00
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Cryoprerservation Media

ZenBio offers a DMEM-based, specially-formulated, crypreservation media that has been optimized for superior recovery of viable cells after storage in liquid nitrogen.
Item#Item DescU/MPrice
FM-1-100Preadipocyte Cryopreservation Media100ml$172.00

Cell Culture Reagents

Reagents from ZenBio include a number of different products routinely used in cell culture.
Item#Item DescU/MPrice
TRP-100Trypsin-EDTA : Solution 1X (0.25% trypsin/2.21mM EDTA in HBSS)100ml$21.00
DISP1Dispase II (Neutral Protease), Crude Non-sterile1.0g$159.00
ITS-20ITS Plus Premix, 20ml, Universal Culture Supplement- contains insulin, human transferrin, and selenous acid. Ideal for low serum media formulations20ml$73.00

Antibiotic/Antimycotic Solution

Penicillin/Streptomycin/Amphotericin B [10,000 Units/ml/ 10,000ug/ml, 25ug/ml], 100x solution
Item#Item DescU/MPrice
PSF-1Penicillin/Streptomycin/Amphotericin B100 ml$19.00

Buffered Salt Solutions

Dulbecco's Phosphate buffered salt solution (DPBS) without calcium and magnesium Hanks' Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS) without calcium and magnesium, without phenol red Krebs Ringer Bicarbonate Buffer (KRB) without calcium chloride
Item#Item DescU/MPrice
DPBS-1000Dulbecco's Phosphate Buffered Salt Solution (DPBS), 1x1000 ml$25.00
HBSS-500Hanks' Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS), 1x500 ml$24.00
KRB-1000Krebs Ringer Buffer (KRB), 1x1000 ml$26.00

Classical Media Reagents Publications:

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