Products: Media

All ZenBio media are performance tested for sterility and viability. These media formulations are the results of years of experience in providing nutrients for cell culture growth in research and manufacturing. Our goal is to provide customers with consistent high quality media at the best prices, allowing researchers the freedom and convenience to optimize their own systems, while removing one more variable from their research efforts.

Quality Control

In order to maintain consistent quality control all media are manufactured under strict compliance to written operating procedures. This provides the same quality product and reliability from batch to batch.


Our media formulations are readily available and can be ordered at anytime with very short delivery times. Our media can be ordered in various formulations. In addition, all media are available without serum and/or phenol Red-free.

If you have a special need usually we can accommodate your request with a very quick response time. Please do not hesitate to inquire.

Cell Culture

  • Adult Epidermal Keratinocyte
    ZenBio epidermal keratinocytes are available from adult and neonatal donor tissue and are provided at the earliest passage without the use of a murine feeder layer. Keratinocytes are available from donors of varying ages, genders, and diabetes status.
  • Dermal Fibroblast
    Dermal Fibroblast Basal Medium: Basal medium contains essential requirements for dermal fibroblasts. It can be supplemented with factors for specific research purposes. The medium is available in 500ml bottles and is ready-to-use upon arrival.
  • Subcutaneous Preadipocytes & Adipocytes
    All ZenBio media products are ready-to-use when purchased. No mixing of growth factors or antibiotics is necessary. All media products are available as phenol-red free, serum-free, or specifically customized to meet your research needs
  • Visceral Preadipocyte & Adipocytes
    Basal medium is serum-free and contains essential additives to maintain visceral cells. It can be supplemented for specific research purposes. The medium is available in 500ml bottles and is ready-to-use upon arrival

Classical Media / Reagents

  • Classical Media Reagents
    Classical media from ZenBio includes the base media characterized for use with ZenBio cell products. Media is offered as single bottle units.