Subcutaneous Preadipocyte and Adipocyte Media

All ZenBio media products are ready-to-use when purchased. No mixing of growth factors or antibiotics is necessary. All media products are available as phenol-red free, serum-free, or specifically customized to meet your research needs.

Subcutaneous basal medium

Basal medium is serum-free and contains essential additives to maintain subcutaneous cells for up to 3 days. It can be supplemented for specific research purposes. The medium is available in 500ml bottles and is ready-to-use upon arrival.

Subcutaneous preadipocyte medium

Preadipocyte medium is used to plate preadipocytes prior to differentiation and contains growth factors necessary for expansion of subcutaneous preadipocytes. The medium is available in 500ml bottles and is ready-to-use upon arrival.

Subcutaneous differentiation medium

Differentiation medium is used to differentiate subcutaneous preadipocytes to mature adipocytes in culture. The medium is available in 100ml or 500ml bottles and is ready-to-use upon arrival.

Subcutaneous adipocyte medium

Adipocyte medium is used as a maintenance medium after differentiation and contains all of the factors necessary to support lipid accumulation in the maturing adipocytes. The medium is available in 500ml bottles and is ready-to-use upon arrival.

Subcutaneous preadipocytes cryopreservation medium

Cryopreservation medium is used for long-term cryopreservation of subcutaneous preadipocytes. This medium has been specifically formulated for optimized recovery of human preadipocytes after thawing. It is available in 100ml bottles.

Order Information

Subcutaneous Media

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
BM-1Subcutaneous Basal Medium500 ml$88.00
PM-1Subcutaneous Preadipocyte Medium500 ml$96.00
DM-2Subcutaneous Preadipocyte Differentiation Medium100ml$103.00
DM-2-500Subcutaneous Preadipocyte Differentiation Medium500ml$442.00
AM-1Subcutaneous Adipocyte Maintenance Medium500ml$96.00
FM-1-100Preadipocyte Cryopreservation medium100ml$172.00
KT-02Subcutaneous Adipocyte Differentiation Kit: sufficient media to differentiate 1 96 well plate human subcutaneous preadipocytes to adipocytes. 50ml PM-1, 25ml DM-2, 25ml AM-1, 1 blank sterile 96 well plateKIT$77.00

If you require special media modifications, we offer a Custom Media Service starting at one bottle per order. Please contact us for more details or consult our Price List (.pdf). Examples of some common modifications include: Phenol-Red free, Serum-free, Dexamethasone-free, Insulin-free, PPAR Gamma Agonist-free and Antibiotic-free.

Subcutaneous Preadipocyte and Adipocyte Media Publications

FGF-21 as a novel metabolic regulator

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