Human Serum & Animal-Free Growth Supplement

ZenBio is proud to offer several non-animal replacements for Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS): Human Platelet Lysate-(New!), GroPro ready-to-use growth supplement and Human AB Serum.

ZenBio, Inc. Introduces GroPro™ Cell Culture Growth Supplement
Formulated to Replace Bovine Serum Allowing for Culturing of
Primary Cells and Cell Lines
Fetal Bovine Serum

Our NEW! Human Platelet Lysate (HPL) and GroPro are a non-animal derived cell culture growth supplements obtained from human platelets. HPL contains abundant growth factors and cytokines necessary for cell growth and proliferation. Platelet lysate can be used as a replacement for traditional Fetal Bovine (FBS) supplemented cell culture medium. Replacing fetal bovine serum(FBS) with HPL allows for expansion and potential clinical grade production of functional mesenchymal stromal cells by removing the risk of xenogeneic immune reactions and transmission of bovine prion and viral pathogens. Additionally, HPL and GroPro are derived from a renewable source that is not tied to the animal slaughter industry and the price does not fluctuate!

The US FDA is moving towards adopting European guidelines requiring that bovine materials be removed from culturing media for any therapeutic product containing cultured cells, thus making HPL an attractive alternative to the R&D and production/manufacturing processes. All lots are fully tested for pathogens according to FDA guidelines.

Fetal Bovine Serum
  • 10X more potent than FBS
  • Stable Pricing
  • Non-Animal Derived
  • Traceability
  • Free of Mycoplasma
  • Lot-to-Lot Consistency
  • Sterile Collection
  • Pool Processing
  • QC Tested in Zen Bio's Cell Production System

Human AB Serum:

Human serum offers a technical advantage over animal serum when culturing a variety of human cell types, especially those cells making up the immune system. This is also the serum of choice when developing tissue engineered and regenerative medicine products, as many regulatory agencies in a growing number of countries are restricting the use of animal serum during the manufacturing process.

Since human serum from type AB donors is lacking in antibodies towards the A and B blood-type antigens, this is the type most commonly used as immunoreactivity is minimized against the human cells in culture. Male donor serum is preferred over female, as this lowers the risk of major histocompatibility class (MHC) antibodies being present. Women having a past pregnancy may have developed these antibodies to MHC antigens carried on the father's cells or the developing fetus.

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Ordering Information:

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
SER-HPLHuman Platelet Lysate, Concentrated , Sterile100ml$342.00
SER-HPL-GROPROGroPro CLEAR Cell Culture Growth Supplement, Animal Component Free, Human Platelet Lysate-READY TO USE, Sterile Filtered-Frozen500ml$157.00
HSER-ABP100mlHuman AB Serum, Off-clot, Pooled Donor lot, Sterile Filtered100ml$188.00
HSER-ABPM100MLHuman AB Serum, Off-the-clot, Pooled MALE Donor lot, Sterile Filtered100ml$208.00

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