Human Blood Products

ZenBio can provide many different Human blood components to meet your research needs. We have the abilility to collect and process per your specifications or by standard collection methods. Some of our standard products are shown below. If you do not see the specific item that you need listed here, please contact us. We will work with you to provide the materials that fit your research specifications and budget.

*All samples are collected in FDA licensed facility and pathogen tested according to FDA guidelines for the following: HBsAG, Anti-HCV, Anti-HIV-1/2, HIV-1 RNA, HBV DNA, HCV RNA, Syphilis.*

Our products include the following:

  • Human Serum
  • Recovered Plasma
  • Source Plasma
  • Whole Blood
  • Red Blood Cells
  • Leukocytes (Buffy Coats)
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Platelet Concentrates
Human Blook Serum

Specifications possible for all products:

  • In preservative solutions : ACD, CPD, CPDA-1 , Heparin, EDTA, PAXgene® Blood Tube
  • Blood group type-specific
  • Containing hemoglobin AA or AS
  • Specific MCV range
  • Gender, age, or ethnicity specific

Serum specifications possible:

  • Types of serum available: off-clot serum
  • Single units or pools
  • Gender, age, or ethnicity specific

Plasma specifications possible:

  • Types of plasma available:
    • Heparin anticoagulant
    • Sodium Citrate anticoagulant
    • EDTA anticoagulant
    • ACD anticoagulant
    • platelet-poor
    • platelet-rich
    • Fresh Frozen Plasma
    • Source Plasma
    • Recovered/Outdated plasma
  • Single units or pools
  • Gender, age, or ethnicity specific

Platelet specifications possible:

  • Types of platelets available:
    • recovered platelet-rich plasma
    • platelet concentrates
  • Gender, age, or ethnicity specific

Leukocyte specifications possible:

  • Types of leukocyte preparations available:
    • Buffy coats
    • Gender, age, or ethnicity specific

Packed Red Blood Cells

  • Sized for MCV
  • 48-hour turnaround
  • Negative for HBsAg, HIV 1-2, HCV and RPR
  • Blood group specific
  • Gender, age, or ethnicity specific
  • Fresh and outdated

Ordering Information:


Item#Item DescU/MPrice

**(ZenBio stocks and can prospectively collect a variety of different diseased state samples.+ Please contact us for current inventory and your unique requirements)**
1.0mlContact Us
HSER-2MLHuman Serum, Normal Off-the-Clot, (Frozen)2ml$81.00
HSER-10ML-SDSHuman Serum, Normal Off-the-Clot, FRESH,(Collect/Ship same day)10ml$98.00
HSER-10MLHuman Serum, Normal Off-the-Clot, Frozen (Default) or Fresh(*Shipped on Day 2)10ml$98.00
HSER-200ML-SDSHuman Serum, Normal, Off-the-Clot, FRESH, (Collect/Ship same day)200ml$319.00
HSER-200MLHuman Serum, Normal, Off-the-Clot, Frozen (Default) or Fresh(*Shipped on Day 2)200ml$319.00
HSER-CDS-200MLHuman Serum, Normal, Off-the-Clot, CHARCOAL-DEXTRAN Stripped, Sterile Filtered, (Frozen)200ml$596.00
SER-HDHuman Serum, DIABETIC Donor, (Frozen)1ml$103.00
HSER-ABP100MLHuman AB Serum, Off-the-Clot, Pooled, Sterile Filtered, (Frozen)100ml$183.00
HSER-ABPM100MLHuman AB Serum, Off-the-clot, Pooled MALE Donor Lot, Sterile Filtered, (Frozen)100ml$202.00
HSER-P50MLHuman Serum, Normal Pooled Off-the-Clot, (Frozen)50ml$259.00
HSER-P500MLHuman Serum, Normal Pooled Off-the-Clot, (Frozen)500ml$421.00
SER-CBSHuman Cord Blood, SERUM, (Frozen)1ml$54.00
SER-CBS25PHuman Cord Blood, SERUM, (Frozen), POOLED Donors25ml$515.00
SER-CBS100PHuman Cord Blood, SERUM, (Frozen), POOLED Donors100ml$2577.00


Item#Item DescU/MPrice
Blood Tube SizesK2EDTA 10ml draw
K3EDTA, 7ml draw
ACD, 8.5ml draw
Sodium Citrate, 4.5ml draw
Sodium Heparin, 10ml draw
Lithium Heparin
SER-WB10ML-SDSHuman Whole Blood, FRESH (Collect/Ship same day*). Volume varies based on anticoagulantSingle Tube$89.00
SER-WB10MLHuman Whole Blood, Volume varies based on anticoagulant, (Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2)Single Tube$89.00
SER-WB-SDSHuman Whole Blood, Fresh, UNIT (Collect/Ship same day*)~450ml$511.00
SER-WBHuman Whole Blood, UNIT, (Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2)~450ml$511.00
SER-LDWB-SDSHuman Leukocyte Depleted Whole Blood-UNIT, (Collect/Ship same day*)~400ml$754.00
SER-LDWBHuman Leukocyte Depleted Whole Blood-UNIT, (Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2)~400ml$754.00
SER-CBHuman Cord Blood, FRESH, in CPD-UNIT35ml$649.00
DIL-1Blood Diluent, 1L1000ml$11.00


Item#Item DescU/MPrice
**(ZenBio stocks and can prospectively collect a variety of different diseased state samples.+ Please contact us for current inventory and your unique requirements)**
1.0mlContact Us
**(ZenBio stocks and can prospectively collect a variety of different diseased state samples.+ Please contact us for current inventory and your unique requirements)**
10mlContact Us
**(ZenBio stocks and can prospectively collect a variety of different diseased state samples.+ Please contact us for current inventory and your unique requirements)**
200mlContact Us
SER-PDPHuman Platelet Depleted Plasma (Platelet poor-reduced), per UNIT, FROZEN180-200ml$369.00
SER-PDP-10Human Platelet Depleted Plasma (Platelet poor-reduced), per UNIT, FROZEN10ml$54.00
SER-PLE2MLHuman Recovered Plasma, FROZEN, Anticoagulants available: (ACD, EDTA, Heparin)2ml$94.00
SER-PLE10ML-SDSHuman Recovered Plasma, Fresh-(Collect/Ship same day)

Anticoagulants available: (ACD, EDTA, Heparin), *fresh amount varies based on anticoagulant
SER-PLE10MLHuman Recovered Plasma, Frozen (Default) or Fresh(Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2)

Anticoagulants available: (ACD, EDTA, Heparin), *fresh amount varies based on anticoagulant, frozen is 10ml*
SER-PLE-SDSHuman Recovered Plasma, Fresh-(Collect/Ship same day)

Anticoagulants available: (ACD, EDTA, Heparin)
SER-PLEHuman Recovered Plasma, Frozen (Default) or Fresh(Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2)

Anticoagulants available: (ACD, EDTA, Heparin)
SER-CBPL-10MLHuman Umbilical Cord Recovered Plasma, in CPD, (Frozen)10ml$97.00
SER-CBPL-2MLHuman Umbilical Cord Recovered Plasma, in CPD, (Frozen)2ml$49.00
SER-PLE-CDSHuman Recovered Plasma, CHARCOAL-DEXTRAN Stripped, Anticoagulants available: (ACD, EDTA, Heparin)-UNIT, Sterile Filtered, (Frozen)200ml$624.00
SER-PLE-CDS50Human Recovered Plasma, CHARCOAL-DEXTRAN Stripped, Anticoagulants available: (ACD, EDTA, Heparin), Sterile Filtered, (Frozen)50ml$163.00
SER-DPLE10MLHuman Plasma, K2 EDTA, Type 2 DIABETIC, (Frozen)10ml$217.00
SER-DPLE2MLHuman Plasma, K2 EDTA, Type 2 DIABETIC, (Frozen)2ml$103.00
SER-LDPLHuman Leukocyte Depleted Plasma, Fresh-(Ships on Day 2), UNIT (180-200ml)180-200ml$593.00
SER-SPLHuman Source Plasma, FRESH FROZEN, in Sodium Citrate880mL$535.00
SER-PLPHuman Recovered Plasma, POOLED, Specify Frozen (Default) or Fresh, Anticoagulants available: (ACD, EDTA, Heparin)-UNIT200-225ml$356.00
SER-PLP25Human Recovered Plasma, POOLED, (Frozen-default) Anticoagulants available: (ACD, EDTA, Heparin)25ml$128.00
SER-PRP-SDSHuman Platelet Rich Plasma, per UNIT, (*Collect/Ship same day)(count range: ~75–200 × 10E9)180-200ml$323.00
SER-PRPHuman Platelet Rich Plasma, per UNIT, (Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2) (count range: ~75–200 × 10E9)180-200ml$323.00
SER-HPLHuman Platelet Lysate, Pooled, (Frozen) (pdf) Cell Culture Growth Supplement100ml$353.00
SER-PC-SDSHuman Platelet Concentrate, FRESH, (Same Day Draw/Ship*Pathogen Testing Pending*), (*expires 5 days after draw) in ACD~60ml$330.00
SER-PCHuman Platelet Concentrate, FRESH, Shipped on Day 2 (*expires 5 days after draw) in ACD~60ml$330.00
SER-PCEXHuman Platelet Concentrate, EXPIRED~60ml$130.00
SER-PMHuman Platelet Membranes, Frozen (-80c), 1mlVial$379.00


Item#Item DescU/MPrice
SER-10MLRBC-SDSHuman Erythrocytes (RBCs), Collected/Shipped on same day*10ml$92.00
SER-10MLRBCHuman Erythrocytes (RBCs), (Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2)10ml$92.00
SER-PRBC-SDSHuman Erythrocytes (RBCs), PACKED Cells, Collected/Shipped on same day*250ml$216.00
SER-PRBCHuman Erythrocytes, (RBCs), PACKED Cells, (Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2)250ml$216.00
SER-PRBC-W-SDSHuman Erythrocytes (RBCs)-PACKED & WASHED, Collected/Shipped on same day* (The packed red blood cells are injected with an equal volume of sterile saline… gently mixed, re-centrifuged, and saline removed.)250ml$309.00
SER-PRBC-WHuman Erythrocytes, (RBCs) PACKED & WASHED Cells, (Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2).+ The packed red blood cells are injected with an equal volume of sterile saline… gently mixed, re-centrifuged, and saline removed.250ml$309.00
SER-PRBC-CPD-SDSHuman Erythrocytes (RBCs), PACKED Cells, per UNIT in CPD, Collected/Shipped on same day*250ml$422.00
SER-PRBC-CPDHuman Erythrocytes (RBCs), PACKED Cells, per UNIT in CPD250ml$422.00
SER-PRBC-ASHuman Erythrocytes (RBCs), PACKED Cells, per UNIT, SICKLE Trait Positive Donor250ml$675.00
SER-PRBC-EXPHuman Erythrocytes (RBCs), PACKED Cells, EXPIRED250ml$92.00
SER-LDRBC-SDSHuman Leukocyte Depleted Erythrocytes (RBCs), Collected/Shipped on same day*250ml$375.00
SER-LDRBCHuman Leukocyte Depleted Erythrocytes (RBCs), (Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2)250ml$375.00
SER-LRBC-W-SDSHuman Leukocyte Depleted Erythrocytes (RBCs) and WASHED, 250-300ml.+ Collected/Shipped on same day*250ml$705.00
SER-LRBC-WHuman Leukocyte Depleted Erythrocytes (RBCs) and WASHED, 250-300ml. (Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2)250ml$705.00
RBCL-1Red Blood Cell LYSIS BUFFER 1X, 1L1000ml$49.00


Item#Item DescU/MPrice
SER-BCHuman Buffy Coat, "bloody"(Concentrated Leukocytes with some RBCs), (Shipped after Testing Completed, ~ day 2), in ACD~60ml$314.00
SER-BC-SDSHuman Buffy Coat"bloody"(Concentrated Leukocytes with some RBCs), FRESH (Collect/Ship same day*)~60ml$314.00
SER-LEUKO-FULLFresh Human Leukopak, FULL.(~280ml, ~10 billion MNCs).+ Anticoag: ACD-A (Collect/Ship same day)EACH$2989.00
SER-LEUKO-HALFFresh Human Leukopak, HALF.(~140ml, ~5 billion MNCs).+ Anticoag: ACD-A(Collect/Ship same day)EACH$2165.00
SER-LEUKO-QTRFresh Human Leukopak, QUARTER.(~70ml, ~2 billion MNCs). Anticoag: ACD-A(Collect/Ship same day)EACH$1753.00

Don't see what you're looking for? Need a particular diseased state blood product? ZenBio provides custom procurement for many disease states as one-time collections - Contact us today!

Recent Publications: PreadipocytesView
Mechanical characterization and numerical simulation of a subcutaneous implantable 3D printed cell encapsulation system Federica Adamoa, Marco Farinab, Usha Thekkedathb, Alessandro Grattonib, Raffaella Sesanaa
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Simultaneous isolation and preconcentration of exosomes by ion concentration polarization Steven Marczak, Katherine Richards, Zeinab Ramshani, Elaine Smith, Satyajyoti Senapati, Reginald Hill, David B. Go, Hsueh-Chia Chang
DOI: 10.1002/elps.201700491
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Self-assembled Collagen-Fibrin Hydrogel Reinforces Tissue Engineered Adventitia Vessels Seeded with Human Fibroblasts Bijal Patel, Zhengfan Xu, Cameron B. Pinnock, Loay S. Kabbani & Mai T. Lam
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Distinction of Fly Artifacts from Human Blood using Immunodetection B. Rivers Ph.D., Gillian Acca B.S., Marc Fink M.S., Rebecca Brogan Ph.D., Dorothy Chen B.S., Andrew Schoeffield Ph.D.
DOI: 10.1111/1556-4029.13756
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Fabrication and characterization of a 3D bioprinted nanoparticle-hydrogel hybrid device for biomimetic detoxification Maggie Shin-Young Chen, Yue Zhang and Liangfang Zhang
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Isolation of exosomes from whole blood by integrating acoustics and microfluidics Mengxi Wua,b, Yingshi Ouyangc, Zeyu Wanga, Rui Zhangb, Po-Hsun Huanga, Chuyi Chena, Hui Lic,d, Peng Lie, David Quinnf, Ming Daog, Subra Sureshh, Yoel Sadovskyc, and Tony Jun Huanga
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μPAD Fluorescence Scattering Immunoagglutination Assay for Cancer Biomarkers from Blood and Serum Cayla Baynes, Jeong-Yeol Yoon
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A magnetic micropore chip for rapid (< 1 hour) unbiased circulating tumor cell isolation and in-situ RNA analysis Jina Ko, Neha Bhagwat, Stephanie S. Yee, Taylor Black, Colleen Redlinger, Janae Romeo, Mark O'Hara, Arjun Raj, Erica L. Carpenter, Ben Z. Stanger and David Issadore
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Recombinant human IgG1 based Fc multimers, with limited FcR binding capacity, can effectively inhibit complement-mediated disease Haoping Sun PhD, Henrik S. Olsen PhD, Emmanuel Y. Mérigeon MS, Edward So MS, Erin Burch MS, Susan Kinsey BA, John C. Papadimitriou MD PhD, Cinthia B. Drachenberg MD, Søren M. Bentzen PhD, David S. Block MD, Scott E. Strome MD and Xiaoyu Zhang PhD
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Label-free Ferrohydrodynamic Cell Separation of Circulating Tumor Cells Wujun Zhao, Rui Cheng, Brittany D Jenkins, Taotao Zhu, Nneoma E Okonkwo, Courtney E Jones, Melissa B Davis, Sravan K Kavuri, Zhonglin Hao, Carsten Schroeder and Leidong Mao
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A modular yeast biosensor for low-cost point-of-care pathogen detection Nili Ostrov1, Miguel Jimenez1, Sonja Billerbeck, James Brisbois, Joseph Matragrano, Alastair Ager and Virginia W. Cornish
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Pre-dehydration and Ice Seeding in the Presence of Trehalose Enable Cell Cryopreservation Haishui Huang, Gang Zhao, Yuntian Zhang, Jiangsheng Xu, Thomas L Toth, and Xiaoming He
DOI: 10.1021/acsbiomaterials.7b00201
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18F-FDG-labeled human erythrocytes as a PET blood pool imaging agent in an immunodeficient mouse model Kenneth Gage, Mikalai Budzevich, Veronica Estrella, Robert Gatenbby, Robert Gillies and Jung Choi
J Nucl Med May 1, 2017 vol. 58
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Further optimization of peptide substrate enhanced assay performance for BoNT/A detection by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry Dongxia WangJakub BaudysKaitlin M. HoytJohn R. BarrSuzanne R. Kalb
Anal Bioanal Chem (2017). doi:10.1007/s00216-017-0421-8
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Biocompatible and Label-Free Separation of Cancer Cells of Cell Culture Lines from White Blood Cells in Ferrofluids Wujun Zhao, Rui Cheng, So Hyun Lim, Joshua Reid Miller, Weizhong Zhang, Wei Tang, Jin Xie and Leidong Mao
DOI 10.1039/C7LC00327G
download pdf
Fabrication of Anti-Biofouling Plasma-Filtration Membrane by Electrospinning Process Using Photo-Crosslinkable Zwitterionic Phospholipid Polymers Jiae Seo and Ji-Hun Seo
DOI: 10.1021/acsami.7b03308i
download pdf
Plasmonic Sensing of Oncoproteins without Resonance Shift Using 3D Periodic Nanocavity in Nanocup Arrays Abid Ameen, Lisa P. Hackett, Sujin Seo, Faiza Khawar Dar, Manas R. Gartia, Lynford L. Goddard, Gang Logan Liu
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Morphological Features of Regurgitate and Defecatory Stains Deposited by Five Species of Necrophagous Flies are Influenced by Adult Diets and Body Size David B. Rivers Ph.D., Andrew McGregor M.S.
DOI: 10.1111/1556-4029.13459
download pdf
A Paper-Based Platform for Detection of Viral RNA Daohong Zhang, David Broyles, Eric A. Hunt,ab Emre Dikici, Sylvia Daunerta and Sapna K. Deo
Analyst, 2017, Advance Article, DOI: 10.1039/C6AN02452A
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Biodegradable vascular stents with high tensile and compressive strength: a novel strategy for applying monofilaments via solid-state drawing and shaped-annealing ... Seung Hyuk Im, Chang Yong Kim, Youngmee Jung, Yangsoo Jang and Soo Hyun Kim
Biomater. Sci., 2017, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C7BM00011A
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Intrinsic repair protects cells from pore-forming toxins by microvesicle shedding Matthew Romero, Michelle Keyel, Guilan Shi, Pushpak Bhattacharjee, Robyn Roth, John E Heuser and Peter A Keyel
Cell Death & Differentiation , (10 February 2017) | doi:10.1038/cdd.2017.11
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Hematocrit dependence of flow signal in optical coherence tomography angiography Jianlong Yang, Johnny Su, Jie Wang, Silu Men, Yali Jia, David Huang, and Gangjun Liu
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Hand-powered ultralow-cost paper centrifuge M. Saad Bhamla, Brandon Benson, Chew Chai, Georgios Katsikis, Aanchal Johri & Manu Prakash
Nature Biomedical Engineering 1, Article number: 0009 (2017), doi:10.1038/s41551-016-0009
download pdf
Human Neural Progenitor Cells are Productively Infected by R5-tropic HIV-1: Opiate Interactions on Infection and Function Involve Cdk5 Signaling Joyce Magat Balinang download pdf
MicroRNA-29b mediates altered innate immune development in acute leukemia Bethany L. Mundy-Bosse, Steven D. Scoville, Li Chen, Kathleen McConnell, Hsiaoyin C. Mao, Elshafa H. Ahmed, Nicholas Zorko, Sophia Harvey, Jordan Cole, Xiaoli Zhang, Stefan Costinean, Carlo M. Croce, Karilyn Larkin, John C. Byrd, Sumithira Vasu, William Blum, Jianhua Yu, Aharon G. Freud, and Michael A. Caligiuri
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download pdf
White Blood Cell Counting on Smartphone Paper Electrochemical Sensor Xinhao Wangb, Guohong Lina, Guangzhe Cuic, Xiangfei Zhoub, Gang Logan Liu
download pdf
Calibration of optical coherence tomography angiography with a microfluidic chip Johnny P. Su ; Rahul Chandwani ; Simon S. Gao ; Alex D. Pechauer ; Miao Zhang ; Jie Wang ; Yali Jia ; David Huang ; Gangjun Liu
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(8), 086015 (Aug 24, 2016). doi:10.1117/1.JBO.21.8.086015
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High-throughput acoustic separation of platelets from whole blood Yuchao Chen, Mengxi Wu, Liqiang Ren, Jiayang Liu, Pamela H. Whitley, Lin Wang and Tony Jun Huang
Lab Chip, 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C6LC00682E
download pdf
Lasing in blood Yu-Cheng Chen, Qiushu Chen, and Xudong Fan
Optica 3, 809-815 (2016)
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Ebola Virus Stability Under Hospital and Environmental Conditions Danielle Westhoff Smith, Lindsay Hill-Batorski, Alhaji N'jai, Amie J. Eisfeld, Gabriele Neumann, Peter Halfmann and Yoshihiro Kawaoka
J Infect Dis. (2016)doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiw167
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Detection of dengue NS1 antigen using long-range surface plasmon waveguides Wei Ru Wong, Shamala Devi Sekaran, Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan, Pierre Berini
Biosensors and Bioelectronic
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Detection of dengue NS1 antigen using long-range surface plasmon waveguides Wei Ru Wonga, Shamala Devi Sekaranb, Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikana, Pierre Berini
doi:10.1016/j.bios.2015.11.030, Biosensors and Bioelectronics
download pdf
Antithrombin nanoparticles inhibit stent thrombosis in ex vivo static and flow models Rohun U. Palekar, BS, Chandu Vemuri, MD, Jon N. Marsh, PhD, Batool Arif, MS, Samuel A. Wickline, MD
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Immunological Analyses of Whole Blood via "Microfluidic Drifting" Based Flow Cytometric Chip Ahmad Ahsan Nawaz, Ruth Helmus Nissly, Peng Li, Yuchao Chen, Feng Guo, Sixing Li, Yasir M. Shariff, Arooj Nawaz Qureshi, Lin Wang, Tony Jun Huang
Annals of Biomedical Engineering
November 2014, Volume 42, Issue 11, pp 2303-2313
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A microfluidic device for dry sample preservation in remote settings Stefano Begoloa, Feng Shenb and Rustem F. Ismagilov
DOI: 10.1039/C3LC50747E (Paper) Lab Chip, 2013, 13, 4331-4342, Royal Society of Chemistry
download pdf
Efficient bubble propulsion of polymer-based microengines in real-life environments
W Gao, S Sattayasamitsathit, J Orozco, J Wang - Nanoscale, 2013
download pdf
Peptide-conjugated glass slides for selective capture and purification of diagnostic cells: Applications in urine cytology Danuta B. Wronska, Magdalena Krajewska, Natalia Lygina, Juhua C. Morrison, Dalia Juzumiene, W. David Culp,Shrikumar A. Nair, Martyn Darby, and Christopher M. Hofmann
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An in vitro regenerated functional human endothelium on a nanofibrous electrospun scaffold
X Zhang, V Thomas, Y Xu, SL Bellis, YK Vohra - Biomaterials, 2010 – Elsevier
download pdf
Hemocompatibility Improvement of Chromium-Bearing Bare-Metal Stent Platform After Magnetoelectropolishing Ryszard Rokicki , Waseem Haider, Shivani Kaushal Maffi
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance
January 2015, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp 345-352
download pdf
Engineering an antiplatelet adhesion layer on an electrospun scaffold using porcine endothelial progenitor cells Xing Zhang, Yuanyuan Xu, Vinoy Thomas, Susan L. Bellis andYogesh K. Vohra
DOI: 10.1002/jbm.a.33040 (Journal of Biomedical Materials)
download pdf
Tri-layered elastomeric scaffolds for engineering heart valve leaflets Nafiseh Masoumi, Nasim Annabi, Alexander Assmann, Benjamin L. Larson, Jesper Hjortnaes, Neslihan Alemdar, Mahshid Kharaziha, Keefe B. Manning, John E. Mayer, Ali Khademhosseini
Biomaterials, Volume 35, Issue 27, Pages 7774-7785
download pdf
MDJ Libardo, TJ Paul, R Prabhakar, AM Angeles-Boza - Biochimie, 2015
Biochimie, April 2015
Successful Isolation of Viable Adipose-Derived Stem Cells from Human Adipose Tissue Subject to Long-Term Cryopreservation: Positive Implications for Adult Stem Cell-Based Therapeutics in Patients of Advanced Age Sean M. Devitt, Cynthia M. Carter, Raia Dierov, Scott Weiss, Robert P. Gersch, and Ivona Percec
Stem Cells International Volume 2015, Article ID 146421, 11 pages
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