Welcome to ZenBio, Inc.!

ZenBio is committed to being your research partner. We have been in business now for over 20 years and wish to thank all of you that have supported ZenBio along the way. We take our customer's research needs seriously and wish to provide the best quality product and services at the most reasonable prices. We have maintained a very rigid and controlled overhead structure allowing us to pass along our cost savings to you.

ZenBio continues to focus on helping our clients build greater capacity for pre-clinical screening, drug discovery research, tissue procurement, consulting and custom development. Over the past 2 years we have implemented a number of new programs plus added multiple human and non-human cell based products and related reagents. We now offer a vast selection of human blood products and at volumes most others cannot match. We can source both normal and disease state material.

In addition to our world-class molecular biology and research products and services, ZenBio has successfully launched both our ZenSkin service catering to cosmetic and personal care product companies and our ZenComplete program offering a complete package of contract services tailored to your research needs.

Since its inception, in 1995, ZenBio has been a recognized leader in delivering sustainable and ever-expanding research capabilities, reflected by our legacy of scientific success and collaboration, coupled with world-class technical support and client-focused attention. If you have a need for a particular assay, service or product development please contacts us. If we do not already have the assay you need, we are always available to provide custom development work or published protocol customization.

We want to hear your thoughts and understand your needs. Contact us today to get started with a tailored mix of products and services designed specifically with your research in mind. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals through quality products, premium customer service, and real value, every time. When you call to discuss your needs, you will reach a real person, not a phone tree. We take our relationship with you seriously. And we commit our time and attention to giving your research the attention it deserves. Call us today.

Peter Pieraccini, CEO
Peter Pieraccini,
ZenBio, Inc.