Subcutaneous Preadipocytes and Adipocytes

ZenBio provides the highest quality primary human cultured preadipocytes and adipocytes. Our cells have multiple applications in basic research, drug screening and development.

Cells are isolated from a wide variety of patients with good representation from all levels of adiposity and age. Cells are available from both male and female donors. Pooled lots of cells are available from both male and female donors to provide large lots for screening and to decrease issues with patient to patient variability.

Preadipocytes are provided cryopreserved or in culture. Adipocytes are differentiated in vitro from preadipocytes using our patent protected differentiation methods. Cells are available in a variety of plate formats.

All cells have passed our rigorous quality control measures including performance in lipid accumulation, lipolysis, and adipokine secretion. Cells have tested negative for HIV-1, HIV-2, HTLV-1, HTLV-2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and mycoplasma.

Specially formulated media are available for use with our subcutaneous preadipocytes and adipocytes.

Subcutaneour Adipocytes

Subcutaneous adipocytes at two weeks post differentiation. Stained with the neutral lipid dye Oil Red O.

Subcutaneous preadipocytes in culture. Phase contrast image.

Ordering Information:

Cultured Subcutaneous Adipocytes+ (*All Adipocytes have a 2 week lead time for differentiation)

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
SA-1006-1Subcutaneous Adipocytes 6-Well Plate, BMI <24.99Each$585.00
SA-1006-2Subcutaneous Adipocytes 6-Well Plate, BMI 25.0-29.99Each$585.00
SA-1006-3Subcutaneous Adipocytes 6-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$585.00
SA-1006-SLSubcutaneous Adipocytes 6-Well Plate (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$585.00
SA-1012-1Subcutaneous Adipocytes 12-Well Plate, BMI <24.99Each$585.00
SA-1012-2Subcutaneous Adipocytes 12-Well Plate, BMI 25.0-29.99Each$585.00
SA-1012-3Subcutaneous Adipocytes 12-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$585.00
SA-1012-SLSubcutaneous Adipocytes 12-Well Plate, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$585.00
SA-1024-1Subcutaneous Adipocytes 24 Well Plate, BMI <24.99Each$585.00
SA-1024-2Subcutaneous Adipocytes 24 Well Plate, BMI 25.0-29.99Each$585.00
SA-1024-3Subcutaneous Adipocytes 24 Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$585.00
SA-1024-SLSubcutaneous Adipocytes 24 Well Plate, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$585.00
SA-1048-1Subcutaneous Adipocytes 48-Well Plate, BMI <24.99Each$585.00
SA-1048-2Subcutaneous Adipocytes 48-Well Plate, BMI 25.0-29.99Each$585.00
SA-1048-3Subcutaneous Adipocytes 48-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$585.00
SA-1048-SLSubcutaneous Adipocytes 48-Well Plate, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$585.00
SA-1096-1Subcutaneous Adipocytes 96-Well Plate, BMI <24.99Each$585.00
SA-1096-2Subcutaneous Adipocytes 96-Well Plate, BMI 25.0-29.99Each$585.00
SA-1096-3Subcutaneous Adipocytes 96-Well Plate, BMI >30.0Each$585.00
SA-1096-SLSubcutaneous Adipocytes 96-Well Plate, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$585.00
SA-25-1Subcutaneous Adipocytes 25 cm2 Flask, BMI <24.99Each$585.00
SA-25-2Subcutaneous Adipocytes 25 cm2 Flask, BMI 25.0-29.99Each$585.00
SA-25-3Subcutaneous Adipocytes 25 cm2 Flask, BMI >30.0Each$585.00
SA-25-SLSubcutaneous Adipocytes 25 cm2 Flask, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$585.00
SA-75-1Subcutaneous Adipocytes 75 cm2 Flask, BMI <24.99Each$856.00
SA-75-2Subcutaneous Adipocytes 75 cm2 Flask, BMI 25.0-29.99Each$856.00
SA-75-3Subcutaneous Adipocytes 75 cm2 Flask, BMI >30.0Each$856.00
SA-75-SLSubcutaneous Adipocytes 75 cm2 Flask, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$856.00

Cultured Subcutaneous Preadipocytes

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
SP-2006-1Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 6-Well Plate. BMI <24.99Each$444.00
SP-2006-2Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 6-Well Plate. BMI 25.0-29.99Each$444.00
SP-2006-3Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 6-Well Plate. BMI >30Each$444.00
SP-2006-SLSubcutaneous Preadipocytes 6-Well Plate, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$444.00
SP-2012-1Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 12-Well Plate. BMI <24.99Each$444.00
SP-2012-2Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 12-Well Plate. BMI 25.0-29.99Each$444.00
SP-2012-3Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 12-Well Plate. BMI >30.0Each$444.00
SP-2012-SLSubcutaneous Preadipocytes, 12-Well Plate, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$444.00
SP-2024-1Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 24-Well Plate. BMI <24.99Each$444.00
SP-2024-2Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 24-Well Plate. BMI 25.0-29.99Each$444.00
SP-2024-3Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 24-Well Plate. BMI >30.0Each$444.00
SP-2024-SLSubcutaneous Preadipocytes 24-Well Plate, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$444.00
SP-2048-1Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 48-Well Plate. BMI <24.99Each$444.00
SP-2048-2Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 48-Well Plate. BMI 25.0-29.99Each$444.00
SP-2048-3Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 48-Well Plate. BMI >30.0Each$444.00
SP-2048-SLSubcutaneous Preadipocytes 48-Well Plate, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$444.00
SP-2096-1Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 96-Well Plate. BMI <24.99Each$444.00
SP-2096-2Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 96-Well Plate. BMI 25.0-29.99Each$444.00
SP-2096-3Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 96-Well Plate. BMI >30.0Each$444.00
SP-2096-SLSubcutaneous Preadipocytes 96-Well Plate, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$444.00
SP-25-1Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 25 cm2 Flask. BMI <24.99Each$444.00
SP-25-2Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 25 cm2 Flask. BMI 25.0-29.99Each$444.00
SP-25-3Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 25 cm2 Flask. BMI >30.0Each$444.00
SP-25-SLSubcutaneous Preadipocytes 25 cm2 Flask, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$444.00
SP-75-1Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 75 cm2 Flask. BMI <24.99Each$646.00
SP-75-2Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 75 cm2 Flask. BMI 25.0-29.99Each$646.00
SP-75-3Subcutaneous Preadipocytes 75 cm2 Flask. BMI >30.0Each$646.00
SP-75-SLSubcutaneous Preadipocytes 75 cm2 Flask, (POOLED Donor Lot)Each$646.00
SP-F-1Cryopreserved, Subcutaneous Preadipocytes (2 million cells/vial) BMI<24.99Vial$429.00
SP-F-2Cryopreserved, Subcutaneous Preadipocytes (2 million cells/vial) BMI 25.0-29.99Vial$429.00
SP-F-3Cryopreserved, Subcutaneous Preadipocytes (2 million cells/vial) BMI >30.0Vial$429.00
SP-F-SLCryopreserved, Subcutaneous Preadipocytes, POOLED Lot (2 million cells/vial) BMI 25.0-29.99Vial$429.00
SPD-F-1Cryopreserved, Subcutaneous Preadipocytes, DIABETIC (1 million cells/vial) BMI<24.99Vial$792.00
SPD-F-2Cryopreserved, Subcutaneous Preadipocytes, DIABETIC (1 million cells/vial) BMI 25.0-29.99Vial$792.00
SPD-F-3Cryopreserved, Subcutaneous Preadipocytes, DIABETIC (1 million cells/vial) BMI >30.0Vial$792.00
BR-FCryopreserved, Subcutaneous BREAST Preadipocytes (1 million cells/vial)Vial$292.00
SQE-FCryopreserved, Subcutaneous Facial Preadipocytes (1 million cells/vial)Vial$495.00
MSND-FPreadipocytes isolated from Mesenteric Adipose Tissue. DIABETIC Donor,1 million cells per vialVial$714.00

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Recent Publications: AdipocytesView
MicroRNA-140 Regulation of the Mammary Microenvironment
Benjamin R. Wolfson
download pdf
Browning of white adipose tissue induced by the β3 agonist CL-316,243 after local and systemic treatment-PK-PD relationship
Wojciech Danysz, Yan Han, Fugang Li, Jim Nicoll, Philipp Buch, Thomas Hengl, Maarten Ruitenberg, Chris Parsons
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Adipocytes impair efficacy of antiretroviral therapy
Jacob Couturiera, Lee C. Winchesterb, James W. Suliburkc, Gregory K. Wilkersond, Anthony T. Podanyb, Neeti Agarwale, Corrine Ying Xuan Chuaf, Pramod N. Neheted, Bharti P. Neheted, Alessandro Grattonif, K. Jagannadha Sastryg, Courtney V. Fletcherb, Jordan E. Lakea, Ashok Balasubramanyane, Dorothy E. Lewisa
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Protectin DX attenuates LPS-induced inflammation and insulin resistance in adipocytes via AMPK-mediated suppression of the NFκB pathway
Tae Woo Jung, Yoon Hee Chung, Hyoung-Chun Kim, A. M. Abd El-Aty, and Ji Hoon Jeong
download pdf
Insight into the development of obesity: functional alterations of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells
F. Louwen, A. Ritter, N. N. Kreis, J. Yuan
DOI: 10.1111/obr.12679
download pdf
Statins decrease leptin expression in human white adipocytes
Prachi Singh, Yuebo Zhang, Pragya Sharma, Naima Covassin, Filip Soucek, Paul A. Friedman, Virend K. Somers
DOI: 10.14814/phy2.13566
download pdf
Developmental Programming: Impact of Prenatal Testosterone Excess on Steroidal Machinery and Cell Differentiation Markers in Visceral Adipocytes of Female ...
Muraly Puttabyatappa, PhD, Chunxia Lu, PhD, Jacob D. Martin, Gregorio Chazenbalk, PhD, Daniel Dumesic, MD, Vasantha Padmanabhan, PhD
download pdf
The Effects of Hypoxia on Human Adipose Tissue Lipid Storage and Mobilization Functions: From Primary Cell Culture to Healthy Men Bimit Mahat download pdf
Heme Biosynthetic Pathway is Functionally Linked to Adipogenesis via Mitochondrial Respiratory Activity José María Moreno-Navarrete, Amaia Rodríguez, Francisco Ortega, Sara Becerril, Jordi Girones, Mónica Sabater-Masdeu, Jéssica Latorre, Wifredo Ricart, Gema Frühbeck, José Manuel Fernández-Real
DOI: 10.1002/oby.21956
download pdf
A novel botanical formula prevents diabetes by improving insulin resistance Juntao Kan, Rodney A. Velliquette, Kerry Grann, Charlie R. Burns, Jeff Scholten, Feng Tian, Qi Zhang and Min Gui BMC Complementary and Alternative MedicineBMC series – open, inclusive and trusted201717:352
DOI: 10.1186/s12906-017-1848-3
download pdf
Impact of antibody subclass and disulfide isoform differences on the biological activity of CD200R and βklotho agonist antibodies Ognjen Grujica, Jennitte Stevensb, Robert Y.-T. Choub, Jennifer V. Weiszmannc, Laura Sekirova, Christy Thomsona, Anita Badha, Stephanie Grauera, Brian Chana, Kevin Grahamb, Kathy Manchulenkoa, Thomas M. Dillonb, Yang Lic, Ian N. Foltza,
download pdf
Adipocyte lipolysis links obesity to breast cancer growth: adipocyte-derived fatty acids drive breast cancer cell proliferation and migration Seher Balaban, Robert F. Shearer, Lisa S. Lee, Michelle van Geldermalsen, Mark Schreuder, Harrison C. Shtein, Rose Cairns, Kristen C. Thomas, Daniel J. Fazakerley, Thomas Grewal, Jeff Holst, Darren N. Saunders and Andrew J. Hoy
Cancer & Metabolism20175:1
DOI: 10.1186/s40170-016-0163-7
download pdf
Cellular response of osteoblasts to low modulus Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn alloy mesh structure K. C. Nune, R. D. K. Misra, S. J. Li, Y. L. Hao, R. Yang
DOI: 10.1002/jbm.a.35963
download pdf
Cellular Aging Contributes to Failure of Cold-Induced Beige Adipocyte Formation in Old Mice and Humans Daniel C. Berry1, Yuwei Jiang, Robert W. Arpke, Elizabeth L. Close, Aki Uchida, David Reading, Eric D. Berglund, Michael Kyba, Jonathan M. Graff
download pdf
Assessing the Relationship between Sports Participation and Self-Esteem among Middle-School Students E.A. Whitney, College of Education, Dept. of Kinesiology & Health Promotion, U of Kentucky M. Kidd
11th Annual CCTS Spring Conference.
download pdf
Cardiotrophin‐1 Regulates Adipokine Production in 3T3‐L1 Adipocytes and Adipose Tissue from Obese Mice Miguel López-Yoldi, Beatriz Marcos-Gomez, M. Asunción Romero-Lozano, Neira Sáinz, Jesús Prieto, J. Alfredo Martínez, Matilde Bustos, Maria J. Moreno-Aliaga
DOI: 10.1002/jcp.25590
download pdf
Beyond thermoregulation: metabolic function of cetacean blubber in migrating bowhead and beluga whales H. C. Ball, R. L. Londraville, J. W. Prokop, John C. George, R. S. Suydam, C. Vinyard, J. G. M. Thewissen, R. J. Duff
DOI: 10.1007/s00360-016-1029-6
download pdf
Hypoxia Alters the Expression of Dipeptidyl Peptidase 4 and Induces Developmental Remodeling of Human Preadipocytes Helena H. Chowdhury, Jelena Velebit, Nataša Radić, Vito Frančič, Marko Kreft, and Robert Zorec
Journal of Diabetes Research
Article ID 7481470
download pdf
Melanocortin agonists stimulate lipolysis in human adipose tissue explants but not in adipocytes Cathrine Laustrup Møller, Steen B. Pedersen, Bjørn Richelsen, Kilian W. Conde-Frieboes, Kirsten Raun, Kevin L. Grove7 and Birgitte Schjellerup Wulff
BMC Research Notes 2015, 8:559 doi:10.1186/s13104-015-1539-4
download pdf
miR-140 Promotes Expression of long non-coding RNA NEAT1 in Adipogenesis Ramkishore Gernapudi, Benjamin Wolfson, Yongshu Zhang, Yuan Yao, Peixin Yang, Hiroshi Asahara and Qun Zhou
ASM doi:10.1128/MCB.00702-15
download pdf
Characterization of key genes of the renin–angiotensin system in mature feline adipocytes and during in vitro adipogenesis J. Riedel, B. Badewien-Rentzsch, B. Kohn, L. Hoeke and R. Einspanier
DOI: 10.1111/jpn.12392
download pdf
MiR-93 Controls Adiposity via Inhibition of Sirt7 and Tbx3 Michele Cioffi, Mireia Vallespinos-Serrano, Sara M. Trabulo, ..., Anne Moon, Alexandra Aicher, Christopher Heeschen
Cioffi et al., 2015, Cell Reports 12, 1–12 September 8, 2015 a2015 The Authors
download pdf
Ubc9 impairs activation of the brown fat energy metabolism program in human white adipocytes Sean M. Hartig, David A. Bader , Kathleen V. Abadie , Massoud Motamed , Mark P. Hamilton , Weiwen Long, Brian York , Michaela Mueller , Martin Wagner , Michael Trauner , Lawrence Chan, Mandeep Bajaj , David D. Moore , Michael A. Mancini , Sean E. McGuire
Molecular Endocrinology, ISSN Print 0888-8809 ISSN Online 1944-9917
download pdf
Subetta increases phosphorylation of insulin receptor β-subunit alone and in the presence of insulin E A Gorbunov, J Nicoll, E V Kachaeva, S A Tarasov and O I Epstein
Nutrition & Diabetes (2015) 5, e169; doi:10.1038/nutd.2015.20
download pdf
Oxidative activity of 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase on testosterone in male abdominal adipose tissues and cellular localization of 17β-HSD type 2 Mohamed Fouad Mansoura, Mèlissa Pelletiera, Marie-Michèle Bouleta, b, Dominique Mayrandc, d, Gaétan Brochue, Stefane Lebelb, Donald Poiriera, Julie Fradettec, d, Katherine Cianfloneb, Van Luu-Thea, André Tchernof
doi:10.1016/j.mce.2015.06.016, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology June 2015
download pdf
Methacrylated gelatin and mature adipocytes are promising components for adipose tissue engineering Birgit Huber, Kirsten Borchers,Günter EM Tovar, Petra J Kluger
Biomater Appl May 27, 2015 0885328215587450
download pdf
Pharmacological properties of acid N‐thiazolylamide FFA2 agonists Andrew J. Brown1,*, Christina Tsoulou1, Emma Ward1, Elaine Gower2, Nisha Bhudia1, Forhad Chowdhury1, Tony W. Dean3, Nicolas Faucher4, Akanksha Gangar4 andSimon J. Dowell1
Article first published online: 8 MAY 2015, Pharmacology Research Perspectives
DOI: 10.1002/prp2.141
download pdf
Apelin enhances brown adipogenesis and browning of white adipocytes Aung Than , Hui Ling He , Si Hui Chua , Dan Xu , Lei Sun , Melvin Khee-Shing Leow , Peng Chen
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2015
download pdf
Pathogenesis of pancreatic cancer exosome-induced lipolysis in adipose tissueGunisha Sagar, Raghuwansh P Sah, Naureen Javeed, Shamit K Dutta, Thomas C Smyrk, Julie S Lau, Nino Giorgadze, Tamar Tchkonia, James L Kirkland, Suresh T Chari, Debabrata Mukhopadhyay
Gut doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2014-308350
download pdf
Inflammation triggers specific microRNA profiles in human adipocytes and macrophages and in their supernatants Clinical Epigenetics Sample doi:10.1186/s13148-015-0083-3 download pdf
Subetta Treatment Increases Adiponectin Secretion by Mature Human Adipocytes In Vitro Jim Nicoll,1 Evgeniy A. Gorbunov,2 Sergey A. Tarasov,2 and Oleg I. Epstein2 download pdf
Dysregulated Alternative Splicing Pattern of PKC during Differentiation of Human Preadipocytes Represents Distinct Differences between Lean and Obese Adipocytes Gay Carter,1 André Apostolatos,2 Rekha Patel,2 Abhishek Mathur,1 Denise Cooper,1,2 Michel Murr,1,3 and Niketa A. Patel1,2 download pdf
1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Modulation of Adipocyte Glucocorticoid Function. Kristin L. Morris and Michael B. Zemel Obes. Res., Apr 2005; 13: 670 - 677. download pdf
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Recent Publications: PreadipocytesView
Targeting exosomes from preadipocytes inhibits preadipocyte to cancer stem cell signaling in early-stage breast cancer Ramkishore Gernapudi, Yuan Yao, Yongshu Zhang, Benjamin Wolfson, Sanchita Roy, Nadire Duru, Gabriel Eades, Peixin Yang, Qun Zhou
Breast Cancer Research & Treatment, March 2015
download pdf
Quantification of lipid droplets and associated proteins in cellular models of obesity via high-content/high-throughput microscopy and automated image analysis P. M. McDonough, R. M. Agustin, R. S. Ingermanson, P. A. Loy, B. M. Buehrer, J. B. Nicoll, N. L. Prigozhina, I. Mikic and J. H. Price Assay Drug Dev Technol. 2009; 7 (5): 440-60. download pdf
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IL-33, a recently identified interleukin-1 gene family member, is expressed in human adipocytes I. S. Wood, B. Wang and P. Trayhurn Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2009; 384 (1): 105-9. download pdf
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Halofenate Is a Selective Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Modulator With Antidiabetic Activity. Tamara Allen, Fang Zhang, Shonna A. Moodie, L. Edward Clemens, Aaron Smith, Francine Gregoire, Andrea Bell, George E.O. Muscat, and Thomas A. Gustafson Diabetes, Sep 2006; 55: 2523 - 2533. download pdf
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