Lipid Accumulation Kits

Lipid Accumulation Kits

The Adipogenesis Assay kits provide the tools to study the compounds that stimulate cultured human adipocyte differentiation or lipogenesis. Such compounds may be PPARγ agonists or a combination of thiazolidinediones and glucocorticoids that are potentially useful in the treatment of diabetes. The kits are available to test potential PPARγ agonists or glucocorticoid analogs in human cells in a 96 well format.

The triglyceride assay kits provide quantitative data on triglyceride accumulation in cultured cells. This assay is suitable for both human and animal primary cells and cell lines. All kits are 96 well format. Contact ZenBio for information on other formats.

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Metabolic Disease Research Kits

Item#Item DescU/MPrice
DIF-GLUCAdipogenesis Assay Kit Glucocorticoid Analogues (REAGENTS+ CELLS)KIT$648.00
DIF-GLUC-NCAdipogenesis Kit Glucocorticoid Analogues (REAGENTS ONLY)KIT$359.00
DIF-AGAdipogenesis Assay Kit PPARγ agonist (REAGENTS+ CELLS)KIT$648.00
DIF-AG-NCAdipogenesis Assay Kit PPARγ agonist (REAGENTS ONLY), 100 point kitKIT$359.00
DIF-AG-NC5Adipogenesis Assay Kit PPARγ agonist (REAGENTS ONLY), 500 point kit (BULK)KIT$1523.00
STG-1-NCSerum Triglyceride Assay Kit, 100 point assay (SINGLE PLATE)KIT$370.00
TG-1-NCTriglyceride assay kit, 100 point assay (SINGLE PLATE)KIT$370.00
TG-5RBTriglyceride assay kit (5 plate)KIT$1,607.00
TG-GLYSTANGlycerol Standard for the triglyceride kits, 1mMEach$36.00
ST-R100Lipid Staining KitKIT$111.00

Recent Publications: ( 2008-2010 )


  1. Triglyceride assay kit used in adipocyte differentiation study (Berry, Soltanian, & Noy, 2010).
  2. Triglyceride assay kit used in microRNAs that control lipid droplet formation in hepatocytes study (Whittaker, et al., 2010).
  3. Triglyceride assay kit used to measure triglycerides in primary human adipocytes (McDonough, et al., 2009).
  4. Triglyceride assay kit used to measure triglycerides in human retinal pigment epithelial cells after siRNA-mediated knockdown of FABP5 (Wu, et al., 2010).
  5. Triglyceride assay kit used to measure triglycerides differentiated human white adipocytes (Catalioto, Maggi, & Giuliani, 2009).
  6. Human Adipocyte Differentiation Assay Kit ?? used to measure triglyceride produced during differentiation of mouse mesenchymal stem cells (D1 cells) (Xu, Gomillion, Maxson, & Burg, 2009).
  7. Triglyceride kit used to measure triglycerides in hepatitis C infected livers (Kim, et al., 2008).


  1. Lipid Staining Kit used to examine effects of PPAR-gamma on lipolysis in 3T3-LI cells (Tsukahara, Hanazawa, & Murakami-Murofushi, 2010).

Lipid Accumulation Kits Publications:

Dieckol, a major phlorotannin in Ecklonia cava, suppresses lipid accumulation in the adipocytes of high-fat diet-fed zebrafish and mice: Inhibition of early adipogenesis via cell cycle arrest and AMPKa activation

Hyeon-Son Choi,Hui-Jeon Jeon, Ok-Hwan Lee and Boo-Yong Lee
DOI: 10.1002/mnfr.201500021, Molecular Nutrition and Food Research

ST-R100 Publications

TG-1-NC Publications