ZenComplete™: Customized Cell Solutions

ZenComplete™ - Experience customized cell-based solutions like never before!

ZenBio offers customers exceptional versatility in addressing specific project requirements with our robust custom cell-based assay development and services capabilities. Experience a seamless workflow... customized to meet your rigorous project needs.

work flow

Check out a sample of customized research solutions delivered to ZenBio partners...

  • THP-1 cell cytotoxicity and TNF alpha secretion
  • Rodent primary hepatocyte glucose uptake
  • Rodent primary hepatocyte glycogen synthesis
  • Treating skin explants/ assays on skin explants
  • Inhibition of insulin stimulated glucose uptake in myocytes (steroid)
  • Inhibition of insulin stimulated glucose uptake in 3T3-L1 (FFA)
  • Energy Utilization
  • Custom cell culture and subsequent ELISA or gene expression analysis following treatment
  • Custom modulation of our existing assays
  • TLC - TG synthesis assay
  • Inhibition of lipolysis

Custom primary cell types or cell lines

293-H, 293 cells, H4-IIE, PC-3, THP-1, Normal human prostate cells, C2C12, L6, B16, Human dermal papilla cells... and the list goes on!

Let ZenBio custom design and deliver a tailor made research solution to meet the unique demands of your projects. Contact ZenBio today for a FREE ZenComplete™ Contract Services consultation to get started.

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