ZenComplete™: Human Lipolysis Assay

Lipolysis plays a central role in the regulation of energy balance. Lipolysis is the process in which triglycerides are hydrolyzed into glycerol and free fatty acids. This releases free fatty acids (FFA) into the bloodstream where they may be either re-esterified by the adipocyte or travel to other tissues and exert other effects throughout the body. Elevated adipocyte lipolysis has been observed in obese and diabetic individuals (Arner 1996). Alterations in lipolytic capacity have also been implicated in the susceptibility to obesity of African-American individuals versus their Caucasian cohorts (Danadian et al. 2001)

The breakdown of triglycerides in adipocytes leads to release of free fatty acids and glycerol into the medium. Understanding what causes the breakdown of triglycerides in the cell could have a profound impact on the development of anti-obesity drugs.

ZenBio offers proven assays to detect glycerol and/or non-esterified free fatty acids secreted into the culture medium in response to lipolytic hormone.

Positive Control: 1 µM Isoproterenol Vehicle Control: Appropriate concentration of all solvents

Treatments will be done in triplicate at concentrations indicated by contact scientists. All treatments will be for 3 hours. At the end of treatment period conditioned media will be removed and glycerol concentration determined by GPO-Trinder reagent. Free fatty acid concentration is determined by NEFA reagent.

Lipolysis Assay Fig 1
Figure 1 Comparable volumes of conditioned buffer were subjected to either the glycerol assay or non-esterified fatty acid assay to determine the extent of lipolysis. The concentration of glycerol and fatty acids released are shown on the graph below. A calculation for equivalents of glycerol corresponding to the fatty acid concentrations is included in the graph. There is good correlation in the 3 hour assay between glycerol release and fatty acid release. Additionally, we have determined that a glycerol concentration up to 0.5% has no effect on the fatty acid lipolysis assay.

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